InsurEngines is an InsurTech startup who leverages its cutting-edge technology and intelligence to enable innovations of insurance industry


Technology - Systems

InsurEngines combines two proprietary core insurance systems - Analysis Engine and Tariff Engine - to support insurance innovations such as IoT insurance and Instant Insurance by integrating machine-learning algorithms to realize real-time personalized products in order to better serve the needs of end-consumers.


Intelligence - Analytics

InsurEngines holds unique competitive capability to combine Machine-learning algorithms with insurance specialized predictive modelling to differentiate itself from other similar competitors.


Focus Areas - Insurance

InsurEngines is operating in the focus areas in which global insurance firms are most interested(See figure below):

  • Online Portal for Customers and Agents
  • BI Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile App for Policy Holders and Agents
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Big Data applications

Its systems can apply to all insurance products all over the world. Both engines interact with current insurance systems and other third-party systems via simple API interface, functions without intrusion to current process.



Hot Topics - InsurTech

InsurEngines' specialization falls right into the hot topics of insurTech, which will lead major transformations of the insurance industry(See figure below):

  • AI/Machine-Learning
  • IoT / IoE / Wearable
  • Data analytics and Big Data
  • MedTech and Digital Health
  • Cybersecurity
  • Customer experience

InsurEngines' objective is to stay at the frontier of the innovation and offer revolutionary solutions with state-of-the-art technology.



Enabler Proposition - To Industry Clients

InsurEngines already has multinational companies as clients and its added-values to their business have been well-recognized. It's open to partner with wide-range of insurance players and offer End-to-End Solutions to support clients' business.

InsurEngines aims to becoming the market benchmark of insurance technology and intelligence. It also plans successively expand to other financial sectors besides insurance.

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