Swift Product Implementation and Terabyte Data Analysis Within Clicks

Insurance Predictive Models

Unique analytical competency to combine insurance specialized predictive modelling with modern machine-learning algorithms.

Full Coverage analytics on every single step in the insurance processes.

Business Cases:
* Churn Rate Analysis - Prediction accuracy +11% vs. benchmark results of other participants.
* Conversion Model - Be rewareded on monthly performance uplift.
* Claim Reserves Prediction - Proven to respect more prudent reserving philosophy.
* Vehicle Group Classifiction - Verified by client company's own multi-year efforts.
* Anti-fraud Algorithms - More robust proprietary ML algorithms verified by the clients.

IoT Sensor Signal Analysis

Extensive knowledge of IoT sensors, both on firmware and software.

Verified results by clients of telematics related analytics.

Business Cases:
* Car Accident Reconstruction - Proprietary algorithms to calculate accident impact point and impact force, results verified to be more precises than device suppliers.
* Car Accident Detection - Proprietary algorithms to detect whether a crash is a real accident.
* Car Accident Damage Estimation - Proprietary algorithms to estimate the damage (both physical damage and body injury) based on telematics crash data.
* Telematics Driving Footprint Competition - Achieve prediction accuracy of 99.99%.

Natural Language Processing

Up to 80% of data stored by organisations is unstructured and a major part of it is in the free text form. However free texts CANNOT be easily used in analytics reports or models.

Built own proprietary insurance-specialized dictionaries and NLP libraries to erform text-mining extracts useful features/intelligence hidden in the free texts to structured format.

Business Cases:
* Ultimate Claims Costs Prediction - Text-mining in extracting the claims handling notes.
* Claims Status Evolvement Prediction - Text-mining in extracting the claims handling notes.
* Fraud Detection - Text-mining in building fraud relation graphs.
* Fraud Prevention - Text-mining to extract features for underwriting usage.

Image Recognition

Up to 80% of data stored by organisations is unstructured and a significant part of it is in image format of huge values.

The use of Deep-learning methods such as Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has proven to achieve significant results.

Business Cases:
* Claims Damage Estimation - Speed up settlements with accident and inspection photos.
* Medical Imagery - Explore usuage in health insurance.
* Satellite Imagery - Explore usuage in agriculture, property, marine and weather insurance.
* Drone Imagery - Explore usuage in agriculture, property and construction insurance.

Proven Analytics Excellence Collaborating with Multinational Companies

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    Friendly applications and functionalities focusing on user experience and engagement.

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Fabio Troiani

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Roberto Condulmari

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Massimiliano Cagliero

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Xuejing Zhou

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Computer Science Bachelor. INSEAD MBA.

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Giuseppe Parente

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Fabrizio Lasagni


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Computer Science Master.

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